CSME LU Chapter Constitution



1. Name

1.1 The name of the organization shall be “The Canadian Society for Mechanical Engineering
Lakehead University Student Chapter” or “CSME LU Chapter” in shorthand.
1.2 This most revised document for the constitution and bylaws supersedes all others.

2. Purpose

2.1 The CSME LU Chapter and its members shall abide by these bylaws and policies of
Lakehead University (LU) as well as the official CSME governing body in all areas, unless
against this Constitution in principle, wording, morals or interest. This CSME LU Chapter
constitution and policies shall always precede those put forward for LU, LUSU and CSME.
2.2 To maintain and uphold the objectives of the CSME LU Chapter and to constantly encourage
membership participation and inclusion for all CSME LU Chapter events and endeavours.
2.3 To promote and facilitate educational, social, and athletic events and initiatives. 2.4 To provide information and resources to the chapter members regarding topics of interest
within the field of Mechanical Engineering and its related technologies.
2.5 To promote and facilitate mental health awareness for students and to ensure that members
are maintaining a healthy level of stress throughout their studies.
2.6 To provide academic and peer support for all its members as well as those who many come
forward in need (within reason).
2.7 To purchase, acquire, or receive by donation any gratuities for the objectives of the society for
the goals and objectives of the society, but not for any other objectives.
2.8 To publicly promote science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) studies.

3. Membership and Organization

3.1 There are two types of membership for the CSME LU Chapter:
3.1.1 Active Membership – this membership includes members who have the following
attributes: paid the membership fee, are registered as students (either full- or part-time)
in the Mechanical Engineering Department of Lakehead University.
o Fees are to be paid on a voluntary basis and are currently set at $20 for the
academic year, both Fall and Winter semesters (revised April 2017).
3.1.2 Alumnus Membership – this membership includes members who have the following
attributes: alumni of Lakehead University, previously part of the CSME LU Chapter
3.2 The Executive of the CSME LU Chapter consists of the Executive Officers
3.2.1 Positions for the Executive maybe revised yearly at the discretion of the outgoing
President (See Section 5).
3.2.2 The President shall hold uncontested vetoing power for any elections that may occur
and the manner of how executives are chosen shall be at their discretion. (See
Section 6).
3.3 The CSME LU Chapter shall have a Faculty Advisor within the Mechanical Engineering
Department – currently Dr. M. Roy.

4. Amendments to the Constitution

4.1 The constitution of the CSME LU Chapter may be amended by a resolution of the Executive
at an Executive meeting.
4.1.1 Upon the unanimous agreement of the amendments by the Executive Officers, the
proposed constitution must be signed by all of the Executive Officers and submitted
to the Faculty Advisor.
4.1.2 If the amendments are non-unanimous, but changes are in the Executive Officer’s
majority, the constitutions must be signed by all the supporting Executive Officers,
and the proposed constitution must then be submitted to the general, active
members. When presented to the active members of the society, the amendments
must be supported by at least 1/10
th of the membership.
4.2 A copy of the approved constitution shall be submitted to the Faculty Advisor, posted on the
executive server, and kept in the CSME LU Chapter Office.
4.3 The constitution shall be re-evaluated at least every five (5) years. (Last revision: September

5. Executive Officers

5.1 The CSME LU Chapter Executive Officers shall generally consist of the:
5.1.1 President
5.1.2 Vice President – Finance
5.1.3 Vice President – External
5.1.4 Vice President – Events
5.1.5 Vice President – Communications
5.1.6 Vice President – Administration
5.2 The duties of the President shall include:
● Presiding and chairing over any and all CSME LU Chapter executive meetings.
● Supervising and directing the duties of the Executive Officers
● Preparing the agenda for meetings in conjunction with input from the Executive Officers and the
CSME LU Chapter active members.
● Acting as a liaison with professional and public organizations (industry, non-student), as well as
with the media.
● Acting as a liaison with the Engineering Faculty and the University to maintain lines of
● Acting as a liaison with the Canadian Society for Mechanical Engineering governing body.
● Facilitating and organizing all CSME LU Chapter activities in conjunction with the Executive
● Representing the Mechanical Engineering Students discipline at Board of Directors meetings.
● Monitoring all incoming physical mail (at Ms. Karen Toneguzzi’s office).
5.3 The duties of the Vice President – Finance shall include:
● Preparing monthly records of finances to be presented to the Executive Officers.
● Preparing a fiscal budget in conjunction with the Executive Officers for the upcoming year.
● Ensuring the proper and timely settlement of all CSME LU Chapter financial transactions.
● Handling all finances associated with CSME LU Chapter.
● Assume all duties of the President if they are unable to fulfill the duties for which they were
5.4 The duties of the Vice President – External shall include:
● Procurement of loans, donations, sponsorships and all external financing.
● Develop and maintain any relationships between CSME LU Chapter and external contacts.
● Act as a liaison with all student organizations (outside of the University).
● Keep the other Executive Officers informed for all non-Lakehead University engineering initiatives.
5.5 The duties of the Vice President – Events shall include:
● Planning and directing all social, charity, and athletic events.
● Coordinate with other societies to plan such functions.
● Finding and coordinating with potential volunteers for such events.
5.6 The duties of the Vice President – Communications shall include:
● Ensuring the proper and timely publication of all CSME LU Chapter related advertisements or
Social Media initiatives.
● Ensuring the timely maintenance of the CSME LU Chapter Website and other social media
outlets, including, but not limited to, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.
5.7 The duties of the Vice President – Administration shall include:
● Maintaining the cleanliness and stock of the CSME LU Chapter Office (CB 4067).
● Maintaining and monitoring an organized filing system in conjunction with all Executive Officers.
● Updating and monitoring access to the CSME LU Chapter Google Drive resources.
5.8 The Executive or the President may add or remove additional duties from any officer. Each
year, changes may be made to this duty list as required without amendments to the
constitution or ratification.
5.9 In no way, shape, or form shall an Executive Officer personally benefit either directly or
financially from their position on the executive. In the instance that an executive member
should benefit, they shall disclose any conflict of interest preceding the discussion and shall
abstain from any vote.
5.10 Any Executive member may resign from office because they are unable to fulfill the duties
they were elected to perform because of some unforeseen reason, via an official, written
statement addressed to the Executives, the CSME LU Chapter members and the Faculty
Advisor. The reason given in this document shall be accepted or rejected by the Executive. If
the reason is rejected, the ex-office in question will be deemed unreliable and cannot run for
any executive positions in the future.

6. Election Procedures and Rules

6.1 All questions concerning the validity of the nominations shall be decided by the Executive. All
invalid nominations must be declared as soon as possible in order that the candidate may
correct their form.
6.2 No one person can run or hold two positions at the same time on the Executive by means of
election or acclamation.
6.3 To avoid possible conflicts of interest, an executive member cannot also hold positions for
EEEF chair, or ESS.
6.4 Candidates for the election must be undergraduate students in the Mechanical Engineering
Department of the Faculty of Engineering at Lakehead University.
6.4.1 Any persons deemed ‘unreliable’ cannot run for executive positions. 6.4.2 To be eligible to run for an executive position, the nominee must have attained at
least a 60% average in their previous academic term.
6.5 Elections are to be held by an online vote at the earliest five (5) days after the closing date
posted for nominations. Voting shall take place over five (5) days.
6.6 Elections for the following year’s President shall take place no later than April, and elections
for the remaining Executive positions shall take place no later than October of the newly
elected President’s academic office year.
6.7 Only Mechanical Engineering students who are members of the CSME LU Chapter can vote.
6.8 No proxy voting.
6.9 Campaigning is to be kept at a minimum, as there shall be no budget for personal campaigns.
6.10 Election results can be vetoed by the President, and the President only based on their
discretion about the eligibility of the candidate. Their intentions to veto and their decision why
shall be clearly presented to the other Executive Officers.
6.11 If the Executive Officers do not accept the President’s veto unanimously, the election results
will decide the outcome.
6.12 Result announcements shall occur at least two (2) days after the voting period has ended.

7. Meeting Procedures

7.1 General Meetings
7.1.1 General Meetings of the CSME LU Chapter must be held in accordance with the
following by-laws: May be called by other order of the Executive giving at least three (3) days of
notice to the active members of the society. Must be called by the President upon receipt of a petition signed by not less
than 25% of the active membership, requesting such a meeting. The meeting
must be held not less than three (3) days after the receipt of said petition and
not more than fifteen (15) days.
7.1.2 A General Meeting must be called at least once a semester
7.1.3 At any General Meeting, one twentieth (1/20
th) of the active membership shall
constitute a quorum.
7.2 Executive Meetings
7.2.1 Executive meetings shall be called by the President or as determined by resolution of
the Executive.
7.2.2 At any executive meeting, the majority of the Executive shall constitute a quorum.
7.2.3 Should the President not be present, their duties and responsibilities shall fall on the
Vice President – Finance. Should neither the President nor the VP – Finance be
present, responsibility falls upon the VP – Administration.
7.2.4 All Executive Officers have a vote in an Executive Meeting. Should there be a tie
vote, the President’s vote will decide the issue.
7.2.5 Attendance of all executive meetings by the Executive is mandatory, unless deemed
reasonable by the executives.
7.2.6 Absences must be accepted by the majority of the Executives.
7.2.7 Three (3) unexcused absences may result in an impeachment hearing.
7.3 Board of Directors Meeting
7.3.1 The President is the CSME representative on the Board of Directors for ESS, and
EEEF meetings.
7.3.2 If the President is unable to attend, they shall appoint a member of the Executive
Officers to attend in their stead.

8. Rules on Policy

8.1 Executives not performing their duties may be removed from office following an impeachment
hearing that includes the other CSME LU Chapter Executive, the Faculty Advisor and the
society’s active members.
8.1.1 The Executive Member in question shall be given a written, hardcopy, notice of their
impeachment hearing. If they do not respond within two (2) days or forty-eight (48)
hours, they shall be immediately removed from office.
8.1.2 The member in question may propose an alternate date and time for the
impeachment hearing that falls within one week of the originally scheduled meeting.
8.1.3 The member in question shall be given the opportunity to speak, and answer
questions to represent themselves. After this period, the remaining executives shall
have the opportunity to hold a closed-door meeting, after which any decision made is
8.1.4 Should the executive in question be impeached, they are to relinquish all CSME LU
Chapter property – such as room keys – and shall provide their CSME LU Chapter
email and password to the rest of the Executive.
8.2 Commissioners not performing their duties may be removed from their positions by
consensus of the Executive.

9. Financial Policy

9.1 The CSME LU Chapter is financially responsible for its actions in previous years.
9.2 It is recognized that during the summer, there exists a unique situation where some Executive
members are “out of town.” During the summer, two executives are given signing authority on
a “summer account.” This account will be set up such that it is a single signature account and
funded appropriately by the V.P Finance for summer purchases. The selection of these
members shall be based on a matter of convenience depending upon who is in town, by
consensus of the Executive.
9.3 The CSME LU Chapter shall maintain up-to-date financial records.
9.4 The two signing authorities shall be: President and Vice President – Finance.

10. Terms of Office

10.1 A change of power is to take place which is to include financial and administrative status. It is
imperative that all parties involved understand their duties.
10.2 The outgoing President shall submit a list of the incoming executive’s names and contact
information to the Faculty Advisor.
10.3 CSME LU Chapter office keys, e-mails, website information, and social media outlet
information is to be passed on by the outgoing executives to the incoming executives.
10.4 The key to the cash box and safe shall be given to the new Vice President – Finance or
President, along with an inventory of all current merchandise, textbooks, cash, bank account
balances, etc. This information is to be signed and dated by the outgoing and incoming
10.5 Newly elected executives are responsible to attend all meetings after the elections are over
and the results announced. The term of office for the incoming Executive commences two (2)
weeks following election proceedings. The newly elected Executive shall hold an Annual
General Meeting to exhibit the change and ratify the constitution.